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The Synaesthesia Room:

                                       The Installation

The project consists of a large ‘igloo’ installation, in which participants will be able to (quite literally) step into the world of synaesthesia, and be guided through a multisensory journey that will explore mainly sound-colour synaesthesia and synaesthetic memory.

The medium that we have chosen to use is Mixed Reality. There will be ‘real’ projections on the wall of our construction to which MR goggles will add the ‘synaesthetic experience’ as it is perceived by individuals with this neurological condition. The moving image aspect of our project is therefore double: the ‘real’ projections of footage from real-life scenes, and the ‘synaesthetic’ projections in Mixed reality designed by us and translated into cutting-edge immersive technology. 

This installation is designed to ultimately help advance research in both the neuroscience and new technology field – there is so little that we currently know about the brain and how humans perceive reality, allowing people to experience a different reality is something that is now impossible to imagine, but will soon become part of our lives. Bringing forward the neurological research through art is one of our aims, and using new, cutting-edge technology in the virtual/mixed reality to achieve this is equally our aim. 

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