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Immerse yourself in a different reality of perception and discover the connection between the senses in this striking, unconventional, inspiring art exhibition. 

Curated by Valeria Perboni, Brunel University London’s Artist in Residence 2023, this captivating showcase revolves around synaesthesia, a condition that creates a mixing of the senses, such as hearing colours, tasting shapes, smelling sounds. Through the artistic expression of their personal lived experience of synaesthesia, over 20 artists from around the globe will be welcoming the audience inside their unique, wonderful yet sometimes isolating sensory world, defying the concept of ‘normal’ perception and exploring profound themes of identity, communication and connection.


Set within a synaesthetic background, the exhibition will feature digital art and video projection works by both established and emerging artists, a thought-provoking panel discussion, and intimate live performances and installations. Don’t miss the chance to experience a different way of perceiving the world, and get ‘a taste’ of synaesthesia.

This event, organised by Nine Lyrae and Brunel University London is a celebration of the 2023 Artist in Residence program.Nine Lyrae is a London-based production company specialising in theatre, music, radio, and the arts. Our team of artists comes from diverse backgrounds and is dedicated to three key goals: promoting neurodiversity in the arts, raising awareness about mental health in the industry, and providing a platform for artists from various backgrounds to share their voices. We're all about inclusivity and creating a vibrant artistic community.​


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